Homeowners’ Bill of Rights

Homeowners' Bill of Rights
Homeowners’ Bill of Rights

Our Homeowners’ Bill of Rights is grounded in the belief that a “Home” is much more than a structure, dwelling or residence.

Home is where the heart is. It’s a sanctuary from a busy world where we go to rest and recuperate. It’s a castle providing personal pride and a place to share time with friends. It’s a safe, secure and structurally sound place to grow up or raise a family. It’s the biggest financial investment most of us will ever make. We often think of our Home in terms of where we grew up or where we lived – a place that brings back old memories or feelings.

The building industry often has a different perspective, viewing home construction and sales as one-time business transactions. Without regulatory oversight, their profit incentive can lead to business decisions that are detrimental to homeowners and their communities.

With an understanding of these different perspectives, we advocate for Texas homeowners and legislative reforms to protect them from substandard construction. We work with quality builders and other stakeholders that share that viewpoint. As for contractors that cut corners and build shoddy homes and then hide behind laws that shield them from accountability, we view them as “Home wreckers”, not home builders. That’s because homes with serious defects destroy lives and the whole meaning of Home.

No matter the price point:

  1. Texas homeowners deserve homes that are safe and free from contamination and other hazardous conditions.
  2. Texas homeowners deserve homes that have strong foundations, are structurally sound, and will last at least as long as the mortgage.
  3. Texas homeowners deserve homes that are secure and protect them from the elements and intruders.
  4. Texas homeowners deserve homes that provide reasonable protection from fire, flood, windstorm, and shifting earth.
  5. Texas homeowners deserve competitive choices when buying a new home and the same sort of consumer protections as when buying an existing home.
  6. Texas homeowners deserve access to environmentally friendly technologies.
  7. Texas homeowners deserve homes constructed by a trained, skilled and supervised homebuilding workforce along with licensing, bonding, code enforcement, and law enforcement, for residential builders.
  8. Texas homeowners deserve a fair legal system and a level playing field when dealing with contractors, mortgage lenders, insurance companies, property owner associations, service providers, and taxing bodies.
  9. Texas homeowners deserve fair financing that matches their ability to pay and doesn’t pose undue financial hardship or risk.